Who is Martin Scorsese married to?

Who is Martin Scorsese married to?

Introduction to Martin Scorsese

As a film enthusiast, I'm certain you're familiar with the name Martin Scorsese. If you're not, then you're missing out on the works of a truly iconic filmmaker. Born on November 17, 1942, Scorsese's impact on the cinematic universe is indisputable. From "Taxi Driver" to "The Wolf of Wall Street", his illustrious career has spanned over half a century and his works have received widespread acclaim for their storytelling and visual brilliance.

But, this article isn't about Scorsese's professional life. It's about his personal life. More specifically, it's about the woman who shares his life, supports him and stands by his side. Yes, we're talking about his wife. So, who is Martin Scorsese married to? Let's find out.

A Look at Scorsese's Early Marriages

Before we get to his current wife, it's important to understand Scorsese's journey through his previous relationships. His first marriage, in 1965, was to Laraine Brennan, with whom he had a daughter. However, this relationship did not last and they divorced in 1971.

Scorsese then married the writer Julia Cameron in 1976. This relationship was also short-lived, ending in divorce just a year later. Despite its brevity, this marriage resulted in Scorsese's second daughter.

Scorsese's Third and Fourth Marriages

After his divorce from Cameron, Scorsese married actress Isabella Rossellini in 1979. They stayed together for a few years, but unfortunately, this relationship also ended in divorce in 1983. His fourth marriage was to producer Barbara De Fina in 1985. They were together for several years, but eventually divorced in 1991.

At this point, you might be wondering why I'm discussing his previous marriages. The reason is simple: understanding Scorsese's past relationships helps us appreciate his current relationship even more.

The Woman of the Hour: Helen Schermerhorn Morris

Finally, we arrive at the woman currently married to Martin Scorsese: Helen Schermerhorn Morris. They tied the knot on July 22, 1999, and have been together ever since. Unlike his previous marriages, his relationship with Helen has proved to be much more stable and enduring.

Helen is a book editor and the couple shares a daughter together. They have maintained a low-profile relationship, preferring to keep their personal life away from the limelight.

Helen's Influence on Scorsese's Work

While Helen Schermerhorn Morris might not be directly involved in the film industry, her influence on Scorsese's work is undeniable. Scorsese himself has credited her with being his sounding board, providing feedback and support during the filmmaking process.

Her love for books and literature has also influenced Scorsese's choice of film projects. Several of his films, such as "Hugo" and "The Age of Innocence", are adaptations of novels, reflecting Helen's literary influence.

Scorsese's Family Life

Beyond his relationship with Helen, Scorsese's family life includes his children. He has a daughter with each of his wives. His relationship with his daughters is said to be very close. He has often spoken about how his children have influenced his work and outlook on life.

His daughter Francesca, whom he shares with Helen, has even appeared in a few of his films, including "The Departed" and "The Aviator".

Conclusion: A Look at Scorsese's Personal Life

So, there you have it. Martin Scorsese, the legendary filmmaker, is married to Helen Schermerhorn Morris, a book editor. They've been together for over two decades now, which is quite an achievement considering Scorsese's history of marriages.

It's clear that Helen and his daughters have had a significant impact on Scorsese's life and work. While his films might steal the limelight, his personal life, particularly his relationship with Helen, is a story worth telling too.

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